Welcome to The Amoria

The Amoria is a made up word used to describe the non-dual Nature of Reality
The word ‘Amoria’ is a crisscross of the ancient Greek word—‘Aporia’—meaning paradox, contradiction, or logical impasse.
And the memorable Spanish word —‘Amor’— meaning Love.
So it’s a fun way to say—‘The Love Paradox’ or the—‘Paradox of Love’.
Reality is an expression of Unconditional Love and IS Unconditional Love.
Not a love for something or someone
Not love that can be OWNED by someone or something.
Just pure Love—Unconditional Love

Love itself.

The paradox is that Unconditional Love is empty, absent, and selfless.
But this emptiness is what makes the fullness, wholeness, and completeness possible.
It is ‘Unconditional Love’ because the Emptiness and the Fullness are–divinely and paradoxically—the exact same thing!
This is the Mystery of Unconditional Love—the Mystery of Oneness.
It is wildly explosive and simultaneously completely still and unchanging.
It has no form and embraces and IS all forms.
It is totally pure and innocent and—simultaneously—Omniscient!
It is infinitely diverse and simultaneously the indivisible Oneness.
It is simultaneously ‘One’ and ‘Many’
It is a timeless union of Death and Life.
A paradoxical, yet indivisible, union of Everything and Nothing.
This—‘Amoria’—is the Universe
This— Amoria—is GOD
We ARE this—‘Amoria’
There is ONLY the—‘Amoria’