Amoria & Me

‘Oliver’ ‘Emeka’ ‘Cocoa’
‘ONE-LOVE’ ‘Consciousness’

These are some nicknames the author goes by. However, there is no—‘I’—or—‘Me’—that exists independently from the Amoria.

In truth, there is no author and no readers. Just the Amoria.

Individuals and their stories appear real but are really just expressions of the Amoria—of Unconditional Love. Any information about the author is merely an expression of the Amoria. The author does not exist independently from the Amoria.

There is only the Amoria.

‘Oliver’ was an aspect of the Amoria that did not realize it WAS the Amoria until a series of mystical experiences throughout it’s late teens culminating in a tonic-clonic seizure on Jan 7th 2016.

The message being expressed  through—‘Oliver’—is that there is no one who ‘has’ a life; there is simply the Amoria expressing itself as Life and Death simultaneously. Existential, spiritual, and or emotional suffering occurs when illusory individuals experience themselves as being independent, autonomous entities separate from the Amoria.

This experience of being an independent, autonomous entity separate from the Amoria causes individuals to seek oneness, wholeness, fulfillment, and unconditional love.

The Cosmic Joke is that the experience of being an individual is an illusiona dream. There is only the Amoria—Unconditional Love and Oneness.

There appear to be real spiritual seekers and real enlightened masters. But in truth, there is just the Amoria appearing as seekers and gurus.

Once the illusion of being a separate individual collapses, it is realized—by no one—that Unconditional Love and Oneness—or the ‘Amoria’—is the Nature of Reality.

In the East, this realization—by no one—is called ‘Enlightenment’ and in the West it is referred to as ‘Union with God’

Again, the truth is that ‘Enlightenment’ or ‘Union with God’ was and is already the case. It is simply a matter of realizing that we never left home; the Amoria is our True Nature.

The Amoria is—‘All There Is’   

Oliver, the author of God Bless God and communicator of the “Amoria,” is currently finishing his undergrad at James Madison University studying Sociology.